This page lists the tools for Jupyter and JupyterLab developed within the scope of the OSSCAR project.

For additional widgets (also in development) you can connect directly to the OSSCAR GitHub profile.


Version: v1.0.0

This is a widget extension to use the molecular visualizer Jmol inside the jupyter notebooks. It uses the Jsmol library, which is the javascript version for Jmol.


Version: v1.0.0

This is a jupyter widget which shows an interactive periodic table inside a jupyter/JupyterLab notebook. The elements can be selected, and the list of selected elements can be retrieved in python through callback functions. One can also disable selected elements in the periodic table.


Version: v1.0.0

This is a widget which allows you to define python function dynamically and interactively. It used the codemirror library to create the input area. This widget aims to let students define functions that can be given by tutors as assignments. The function becomes an actual python function that can be immediately run (and that it is run in a sandboxed environment, without access to the jupyter notebook global variables). It is also possible to select a custom code theme. This widget is particularly useful in combination with appmode and/or voila


Version: v1.1.0

This is a JupyterLab extension, which runs and hides all code cells of a given notebook. It shows as a button on the panelbar. It is useful to quickly show the notebooks with only the output results, like the output rendered by appmode and voila, but it does not need to reload the notebook, so it’s very convenient for development.