1. Introduction

JupyterLab is the next-generation GUI for the Jupyter project, taking over from the standard Jupyter notebook. We use JupyterLab as the OSSCAR development environment.

a. Installation

JupyterLab can be easily installed via pip:

pip install --upgrade jupyterlab

2. JupyterLab extensions

JupyterLab allows for the development and installation of extensions. For the development of the notebooks, we need to install two JupyterLab extensions.

a. JupyterLab hide code extension

We developed the “jupyterlab-hide-code” extension, which runs all code cells of the current notebook and hides their output. It is useful to quickly check the layout of the notebook’s output. Install it with pip:

pip install --upgrade jupyterlab-hide-code

Once installed it shall show up as a button with an eye icon in the toolbar of the current notebook. One can toggle to hide or show the source codes by clicking the button.

Jupyterlab hide code

b. Voila extension

The Voila package provides a JupyterLab extension. After installing Voila with pip, one will have the Voila extension available in JupyterLab.

pip install --upgrade voila 

Jupyterlab Voila