The project

OSSCAR (Open Software Services for Classrooms and Research) provides an open-science online hub in the form of an open and collaborative platform to host software, simulation and data-analysis tools, geared towards education and research. 

You can watch a 2-minute introduction to the project in the following video.

© EPFL | Video by Martin Boyer –

Tools are provided as apps, enabling educational functionalities either directly or wrapped around existing open-source simulation codes, and implementing Software-as-a-Service tools with interactive Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) easy to develop and deploy (for researchers and classroom instructors), and to use and interact with (for students).

OSSCAR’s goal is to become a support tool for a diverse range of computational classes and research areas, both in terms of content and of easy-to-deploy models.

The infrastructure of OSSCAR is schematically represented by the figure above. Apps contributed by users or developed within the project will be released open source in GitHub or GitLab repositories, encouraging open practices. 

Using the AiiDA lab infrastructure (based on standard tools like Jupyter and JupyterHub, and open tools developed by MARVEL like AiiDA and the AppMode), the tools developed by OSSCAR are available both in the browser as a cloud service or on the students’ and researchers’ computers, within a VirtualBox VM with the functionality, facilitating reuse and deployment.