Here is a list of all the course materials developed under the OSSCAR project. The main domain of the courses are related to computational chemistry, physics and material science.

Quantum Mechanics


This course material contains a collection of notebooks related to quantum mechanics tutorials. Parts of the materials are used in the courses [CH-452 “Computational methods in molecular quantum mechanics”] and [MSE-468 “Atomistic and quantum simulations of materials”]. For instance, the Split Operator Fourier Transfer Method (SOFT) code is used to solve one dimensional time-dependent Schrödinger equation.

Materials Science


This course material is a collection of notebooks for the course [MSE-101(a) “Materials: from chemistry to properties”]. It allows the acquisition of essential concepts relating to the structure of materials, chemical equilibrium and reactivity in connection with the mechanical, thermal, electrical, magnetic and optical properties of materials. Currently, these notebooks give tutorials for Lennard Jones potential, Miller index and molecular structure.